Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Light begins to dawn

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As some of you will know, our fellowship, Tapestry Faith Community, is drawing to a close this weekend in its current form. This was a response to what we believed was right, and I guess you have to take that step before the next one comes into view. Yet even know the way ahead is beginning to come clear.

Last night I was accepted onto the Parent Association for Dingwall Primary School, this is imporatnt as I live within three big estates (of which I am on the Residents Association) all within 500 meters of the school. After some conversation with the headteacher, the RSPB and others, I will be opening a Wildlife Explorers group for 7-11yr olds. This is a wonderful opportunity to build something of worth on an estate that has seen (and is still is seeing) very difficult times.

I have ran Youth Wildlife groups in the past and have extensive youth work experience in other areas, so this is no huge task, and in Dingwall the wildlife is on our doorstep, as the picture above shows, hills and sea all within a mile or so.
What has this to do with Tapestry closing... well nothing and everything I suppose. Nothing in the sense that this is not a Tapestry youth group, nor is it a youth group with a 'God Slot' attached to it. Yet it has everything to do with what Tapestry is and was, and that is a holistic missional group, a whole of life outward looking movement working and living in the community. Let me re-iterate that this is not a group with a hidden message, this is a wildlife group, nothing more nothing less.

I would apprecaite your prayers and support, someone has already donated ten brand new pairs of binoculars. If there are any readers from Dingwall or local, then feel free to join us, let me know soon though as I need to get the disclosures passed through the school.


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