Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hi-Lo Tide

Once again today the high tide swept up the Cromarty Firth, relentlessly pushing all before it, manipulated and cajoeled by a great force high in the heavens. The waders were given no rest as they searched for fast food in the ever diminishing mud, driven to the foreshore and then beyond, only the heron seemed at home, feasting on the wayward crabs who found themselves in foreign fields.

With the boys I watched the tide settle at its peak, and then it turned and began to drain away, quickly retreating as if a huge deep ocean plug had been pulled out far away in the North Sea. By the time I returned in the evening, the midges were in the ascendancy and the vast tidal expanse of mud was being picked over by voracious gulls and industrious waders.

The tide was lower than ever, revealing deep riven channels in the mud and great dead tree corpses, forever stuck in the thick black stinking and sucking mud, revealed during this rare pulling back of the watery blanket.

As I looked out over the scene I wondered about this land that I could now see, from the mud before me, up and over Dingwall, onward to the summit of Ben Wyvis, clearly outlined against the increasingly greying sky. I wondered how often the tide of faith and revival had swept over this land, times that we can so readily and feverishly experience through dry historical records. I wondered if like this weekends high tides those past times had filled every little inlet, every stream and gulley, to what extent had the past revivals soaked the dry and parched recesses.

I stood and gazed at the mud filled estuary and prayed, 'Father send that tide again'.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave,

I once experiences a neap tide while sailing in October - full moon - and watched my anchor become exposed to the chilling wind as that tide continued to drop. It was my first salt water fall sail in a new daysailer. Fortunately my friends and I sat out the trials in peace. My first mate had a (first) date on board and had to carry her ashore for an urgent appointment with a Ladies room. They have now been happily married for 35 years.



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