Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dallas Willard: An Emergent Conspirator (?)

I have not opened this up for comments, just wanted to link to it for info, I know some who visit this blog will be interested...the article begins

The current issue of Christianity Today tells us Dallas Willard “is on a quiet quest to subvert nominal Christianity.” But with the kind of Spiritual Formation (aka Contemplative Spirituality) espoused by Willard and his co-conspirator Living Spiritual Teacher Richard Foster, which always eventually leads its practioners to a denial of the Reformation and the acceptance of the apostate Church of Rome as a Christian church, the truth is Willard and Foster are actually on a quest to subvert true historic orthodox Christianity.

I for one agree with Willard when he says

Atonement-centered understandings of the gospel, he says, create vampire Christians who want Jesus for his blood and little else. He calls us to move beyond a “gospel of sin management” – to the gospel of the kingdom of God. So, rather than focusing on an alternative theory of atonement, I’d suggest we ponder the meaning and mission of the kingdom of God.

Judge for yourselves...1 Cor 5:12

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