Friday, September 22, 2006


Right Reverend K.Ross of Suffolk in his sermon last week said much the same as this opening gambit. I am reading the article below as I travel to Edinburgh today (as well as watching a DVD), looks like a provocative article, I have linked it from The Ooze.

“The greatest barrier to the gospel in contemporary western culture is the church,” or so says New Zealand Theologian Mike Riddell. It is quite ironic that the very message, entrusted to us by Jesus, is in danger by the body created by Jesus to spread it. But what does Riddell mean? We call the church ‘a family’ and yet, if the church were to go into therapy, it would be considered severely dysfunctional, un-communicative and often the rest here.


Aaron said...

"The church has become an impersonal club – a place where you go to once a week and then leave to go back to normal life. Those with needs or problems are seen as a burden because they disrupt the ‘normal’ functional life of the church which is about the Sunday service going smoothly and uninterrupted. "

This man speaks the truth. Thanks for sharing this article.

Peter said...
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Anonymous said...

Instead of complaining about the disfunctional church all the time, why don't the people who write these articles go into a church and try to change it from the inside. If we all had the attitude of " I can make a difference" then perhaps we could.


Dave said...

Aaron, read this article more fully today and yes it really is very good.
Anne, I think you will find that people like this do actually make a difference, Jesus stood against dysfunctional religion as well and did something about it.
I wish people would make a difference, maybe then the world would stand up and take note.
By the way it is very very rare to change a church from the inside, Luther never did it, Paul never did it and Jesus never did it.
By the way the church that needs changing will resist change at all costs, as I know from personal experience.


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