Wednesday, September 13, 2006


For anyone wanting to call me tonight, please note...

Manchester United v Glasgow Celtic
Old Trafford
Wednesday, 13 September
Kick-off: 1945 BST

You have been warned


Dave said...

Martin, the owner of Oscars (a bar in town) has invited me down to watch the game there. This is a Celtic pub and it is highly likely I will be the only Man U fans...should I go, bit like the lions den.

Might just sit at home to watch it!

Anonymous said...

I think you should go to the pub!
There needs to be someone in the pub who will have a smile on their face come 9:30!!

My prediction is a 3-0 win, i dont need to say who for either!


P.S. I've got a ticket for Sundays game with arsenal in the new quadrant, my prediction for that is a 2-1 win again!

Dave said...

Just got my Man U shirt washed and dry, shame not to use it. Phoebe said Manchester town centre is a sea of green and white, should be a good atmosphere.

I predict 5-1 with a Saha getting 3, I love fantasy football, and I reckon 4-0 against Arsenal

dinsy said...

Think you need to take a course in realism from your son Dave!

(BTW, was there ever an announcement from Man U at 4.00 pm whichever day it was?)

Dave said...

Well I survived the experience, United won 3-2, but I reckon I was the only Man U fan in about 70 Celtic fans, well I was the only one cheering when United scored. It got slightly hostile at times, but I expected that.

One guy at the end said as I was leaving 'both teams did well' to which I responded, 'but I think we did slightly weller'.

BTW Dinsy, nothing happened at 4pm...oops!


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