Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who are you - Emerging Words

Here are some new words for the emerging generation...

pomosexual n. A person who shuns labels such as heterosexual and homosexual that define individuals by their sexual preferences.

retrosexual n. A man with an undeveloped aesthetic sense who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance and lifestyle.

metrosexual n. An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.

ubersexual n. A heterosexual man who is masculine, confident, compassionate, and stylish.

technosexual n. A male with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of technology.

and slightly different, but so true...

male answer syndrome n. The tendency for some men to answer a question even when they don't know the answer.

Try an experiment. Ask a male friend a question, something completely outside his sphere of expertise. Will you get an answer? Chances are, you will. The male friend is exhibiting behavior known as Male Answer Syndrome. It's the compulsion by many individuals (mostly men, but sometimes women) to answer questions readily, regardless of knowledge.

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dinsy said...

"Male answer syndrome" - sorry but this just proves that men are becoming more feminine than their forefathers. It is a well known feminine trait to start answering a question as soon as we understand what the question is - even if the questioner has not yet finished asking it.

Real Men don't talk until they know what they are talking about! (Especially if they have a mouthful of quiche at the same time.)

Oh and how come all these new words only describe men?

Meg said...

Dinsy, that's hilarious: "...especially if they have a mouthful of quiche at the same time..." Thanks for that!

How come the new words only describe men? I venture an opinion only: because male and female feminists have co-opted men - to the detriment of non-feminist women - and want to label all of them so that when feminist women are not married by age 40 or thereabouts, they can blame men ("I never met one who was a real man, not a retrosexual, metrosexual, waahh, waahh..."). There are appropriate ways to land a husband at a reasonable age; those who want a husband but reject those ways are ultimately sorry, I'm afraid...

We do tend to answer questions before we hear the entire thing, don't we? Could it be that we as mothers do that with little kids? Yet another not-good sign that men are being taken down.

Dave said...

I have nothing to say until I know what I am talking about!

Shieldsy said...

Sorry, what did you say. I wasn't listnening!

(Or am the only real man around here!!)


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