Monday, August 28, 2006

Strange Court Case

Monday, 28 August 2006 Times Online

Police in Northampton today arrested a loan shark for causing bodily harm to a client who owed him over £50,000. The man arrested, later acquitted, stated that his loan firm was a reputable company who charged only 17.9% APR on all loans.

Mr George King, owner of Bright Blue loans said in court “I had decided to square accounts with my clients as I was closing my business. One client (name withheld for legal reasons) owed me over £50,000. He couldn't pay up, so I informed my client that a repossession order would be issued on his home, leaving himself, his wife and children homeless. In my defence he was fully aware of this when signing the loan agreement.

My client made quite a show and pleaded with me for leniency, assuring me that he would pay it back in full. I realised this mans plight and my own good fortune to be financially buoyant, so in an unusual move I cancelled his whole debt and hoped his family would be able to rebuild their lives without this debt monkey around their necks.

I then received a call from one of my doormen who informed that the now solvent client had been leaving my premises when he spotted another client of mine who owed him £100, a sum he demanded instantly. The client who owed the £100 pleaded for more time to pay as he had to pay me first. It was reported to me that the solvent client then ignored this plea, struck the other to his harm, and demanded the whole amount instantly.

This obviously outraged me and I sent my security operatives out immediately to seize this cruel man, it was at this point, and under my instruction, that he was taken to the rear of my premises and my operatives kicked the crap out of him, I then sent the repossession order to the bailiffs who have now recovered the £50,000 in full”.

In a unusual move, Judge Wright dismissed the case, in summing up he said “Whilst I cannot condone this violence, I can understand Mr King’s anger at the situation; I hope from now on that mercy will be repaid with mercy”.


Anonymous said...

now that's an interesting slant on a parable!! I've read the parable basis several times nd yet this re-telling seems to have allowed the meaning to slip past the defences.

Wonder if that's the point of using parables?
(Maybe I should have read more of Longenecker or wqhoever that fellow was!!)

Anonymous said...

p.s Mind you if longenecker had started his book with that re-telling he might have got my attention.

Dave said...

Sadly I never managed to get 'fire extinguisher' into the parable (only Kenny will understand that).

I am reading through the parables again and trying to come to grips with what Jesus is saying to me. He still manages to offend my sensibilities!!


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