Thursday, August 24, 2006

Church Planting

There seems to be a big deal of stuff going on at Bob's blog regarding church planting, and as one who is engaged in this, I thought that maybe this is the right time to update on how the church planting in this area has progressed over this last year.

Tapestry came into existence about a year ago, there was 9 of us and we met in the local football club rooms. This proved expensive and a bit out of the way so we moved to a community centre that was very welcoming and so good for what we wanted.

Sadly within the first week the local churches proved in very real terms that we were not welcome, this became a pattern for the coming year. Spiritually we grew and matured as we wrestled with the gospel and how it shone a light into our lives, people came once or twice, some a few more times. One family moved out of the area and this has proved hard with regard to distance to be with us on a regular basis.

There are many people who have a connection with us at Tapestry, people who have never been to a church, but who just cannot travel to where we are, so although they do not attend a Sunday service, they do receive ministry from Tapestry.

When we plant churches I think the pressure is on to be succesful by numerical measurement, thankfully I do not feel this pressure as Jesus does not put it on me, his burden is easy. We also think that there has to be a long term plan, but how long should a church live for in the form it started? I know churches who have been in existence for 200 years that are so lost in their conformity and safety that they are devoid of any spiritual life, yet this can apply to churches that have only been around for a short time.

So this last year has been spent quietly, and part of our ministry has been to see the churches in our town come together with a common purpose, yet this has not been rejected in the most part, though I am sure they have biblical reasons for this.

I feel that Tapestry has been more 'succesful' than I can ever have imagined, and God has allowed me the time to gain an even larger vision for his Kingdom. We now have people in Tapestry who know what the Kingdom is about, and everyone in Tapestry are able to teach the gospel of the Kingdom to others.

The difficult part for me is that the Spirit is now blowing a fresh wind over us as a community, and the direction of that wind has changed. If we stay as we are then the sails will fall empty, its time to change direction and let that wind fill the sails again. I love the image of sailing ships, the need to be so sensitive to the wind, unlike a huge hulking barge that needs a mile to stop and turn and unlike a liner that cruises along filled only with passengers. The Kingdom of God is all about being able to move quickly, and that every member of the crew is vital to the journey!!

So where are we now, well we are waiting. The wind is changing direction, we have called for a Solemn Assembly in the town, and we hope that this will bear much fruit. In fact if this SA were to be what it should, and lead to fellowships being renewed, then there would be little need for Tapestry, and we would be able to join with another fellowship.

That is where we are at, in a period of waiting, but not a period of inactivity, there is much going on behind all this...mainly prayer, but some practical considerations as well. So Tapestry is coming to an end in its current form, and will no longer be meeting at Strath Comm Centre, but like I said, the wind is blowing, and very soon it will be time to raise the sail and catch the breeze again.


dave said...

at the same place...thousands of miles away.

so thanks for posting this.

Be encouraged

Meg said...

At least - and at the most - you can be assured that as long as the "wind" you pick up for your sails is the same as That of which our Lord assured us in John 3, you will always enjoy His finest blessings.

Congratulations. Will stay in prayer for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from the YouTube video with all the televangelist clips. Loved it. I thought you may be interested in know about a magazine here in the States, the only one of its kind that I know of that is religious satire done by Christians. You can find it at The magazine is non-profit, so this is not some spam routine. They are the ones who exposed Robert Tilton.

Keep up the good work.
Washington DC

Rock in the Grass said...

Strength and Peace to you

Dave said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave, like your stuff over on your blog and myspace bit.
Thanks Meg and Rock as well for your kind words, keep on pressing in Pete.

Andrew, a lot of the clips came from a Godstuff DVD, and yes the door is really cool and makes me laugh.

Meg said...

Andrew, so nice to find another "Door" fan! (BTW, I'm also a Yank...)

Would you believe that a church I belonged to for years subscribed to "The Door" and kept it in a prominent place in its library? I used to look at it after every service. (As a former "Mad Magazine" aficionado, I was so happy to find a Christian "Mad.")


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