Thursday, August 31, 2006

Childhood 2

I was thinking and reading some more about the previous post, and where it is in the gospels (Matt 18:1-9; Luke 9:46-48; Mark 9:33-37).

I think it significant that it follows on directly (except Matthew who inserts the story of the coin in the fish mouth) from the disciples question 'who will be the greatest' and Jesus prediction of his death. It appears the disciples were struggling to understand that Jesus messianic rule was via a road of lowliness and death. I do not mean death on a cross only, but his death to fame, power, prestige and position.

Its almost as if the disciples are saying 'Yes yes we understand all that Jesus, the whole death messiah stuff, but lets get to the important stuff, which of us will be numero uno in your kingdom'.

Hence Jesus saying unless you become like a child (see previous post) you will be nothing in my Kingdom! In Mark and Luke John immediately raises the issue of non bona fida exorcists casting out demons in Jesus name. Almost as if to say, 'hey ease up Jesus, at least we are official extenders of your kingdom, not like those non denominational demon busters, they are nothing but small fry losers'.

Maybe he expected Jesus to say 'hey thanks John, I missed that, I am so glad I have you guys onboard', instead Jesus says 'he who is not against me is for me'. In other words, 'don't be offended John and all you others, but the way you view the man casting out demons is the way the religious establishment see me, maybe its time for you all to stop being offended that the Father would use the least, those without religious credentials!'

I am so glad that nearly half a millenia after the Reformation, 500 years of clear access to the teachings of Jesus, that we do not act the same way. How good that in our day, credentials, power, titles and status mean nothing ;)

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