Friday, August 25, 2006

Bookmarks and Refresh

Have noticed recently that even when I have added new posts, if I go to my blog via a bookmark, it does not show the changes. Just worth noting that if you visit here via a bookmark it may well be worth hitting 'Refresh' once on the blog.


Simon Varwell said...

Dave, I'd recommend that rather than bookmarking blogs, you "subscribe" to them. If you set up an account with something like Google Reader, and tell it which blogs you want it to follow, you just need to log into the one place and it tells you all the new blogs you have to read, rather than having to visit each of them individually.

Look out for sites with the red RSS logo on the right of the address bar - those are "subscribable".

Brian Robertson said...

I have noticed this is a particular problem with AOL. Although it claims to be instant I think it only refreshes every 20 minutes.
Rss feeds are better. Try "feedreader"


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