Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Winner

Italy and Jennie

So thats it, the 2006 World Cup is over, and the winner of the Blog sweepstake is Jennie from Manchester, congrats to her, the DVD's will be on their way this week.

On a personal note I entered a World Cup prediction site and finished in position 9402 with 63 points, the winner got 122 points, but I did predict Italy in the final.

But well done to Jen and sorry you all never got to watch the DVD's she has won, but for your amusement, here is one of them


Disclaimer: Jesus Christ accepts no responsibility for this movie....!

I have watched it and would have to say that its an amusing film, kind of like a cross between The Omen/The Passion and Thunderbirds. The actors seem to have been to the Pinnochio school of acting, the only redeeming feature of this whole thing is that in a few days it will leave my house.

Here is the plotline...

When her niece spontaneously dies of fright one week to the day she watched a disturbing DVD, a cynical journalist (Naomi Watts) travels to the Pacific Northwest in search of the DVD's origins.

Ooops, thats the plot for The Ring, but once you watch this you will be changed forever!!


dinsy - posting for Spiny said...

Poor Jennnie. Spiny says he is not quite so sorry that Togo didn't win now. Guess you won't get to meet him after all, Dave.

christian lies said...

Congrats to Jennie from Manchester.
Argentina was not one of the many many countries I have visited. What ever happened to Las Malvinas ????????

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