Sunday, July 09, 2006

A sorry state of affairs

It is not often I recommend articles by people I do not know, but this is one worthy of reading by free minded people...Rendition Of Christ


Jesus Christ. Was he deity, man, or myth? The answer to that question depends on one’s point of view. Christians embrace him as the son of God and a member of the Holy Trinity. Followers of Islam consider him to be a prophet and holy man who performed miracles, but do not believe in his divinity. Some of us in the “pagan” realm simply view him as an inspirational moral leader. Others doubt that Christ even existed.

Whether he was god, exceptional human or legend, almost all of our knowledge about Jesus Christ is derived from the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. And these three books of the Bible do reveal a story of a remarkable on


dinsy said...

Interesting article, finally got around to reading it - and some good links on the site too.

On the "what if" scenario he gives,

Wwhat do folks think about whether Jesus would forgive people who are knowingly and deliberately violating the way he told us to live, and doing it in Jesus' own name? (Unless they repented of their deeds and tried to make amends of course.)

Meg said...

Whatever re: the Thos. Paine site. The man is seriously deluded.

David Limbaugh ( is the brother of Rush. Now, Rush is no Christian, although he pretends to be, but David is. (I used to correspond with D. via e-mail over the "Lieberman for vice-president issue;" now he's, well, too busy for that sort of thing.) The links on David Limbaugh's website are worth investigating. As a minority resident of a Blue State, I do appreciate Christians like D. Limbaugh having a presence on the Internet. Maybe someone here would like his site, too.


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