Monday, July 10, 2006

Pastors, Elders, Deacons, your help please!

Well not just pastors, elders or deacons, anyone really, but especially people who have charge over a building used for Christian gatherings and owned by the church that meets on a regular basis there...

Question: If someone (another orthodox Christian group) made a request to you for use of your building for a meeting where the Kingdom of God would be preached on a regular basis, how would you respond?

For those who do have have the authority to make those decisions, how would you feel knowing another group of believers were meeting in your regular place?

This is not just a fanciful question to while away the hours, it is actually something I am in the process of doing. I just wanted to get a feel for how it would feel being on the receiving end of a request like this.


Mark Bushor said...

Bottom line:

Are you willing to "link arms" with others who love Jesus OR is it all about you, your church & your turf?

If this is about charging them fees for utilities, cleaning, etc., that's simply a matter of negotiation.

My 2 cents. Keep the change. ;-)

Dave said...

With the change I've got left:

Are you an owner or a renter Mark?

Mark said...

We rented for 2.5 years, now we're purchasing the same streetfront building.

I may be catching your drift:

If your lease prohibits "sub-leasing" or other groups using the building, then you're stuck with the requirments of the lease.

However, if there aren't any legal barriers, my original comment--though a tad harsh, sorry--still stands.

Best wishes,
Mark Bushor

Dave said...

Thanks Mark, and hey no harshness taken...

I am actually a pastor of a church with no building and looking for a place to do some evening meets.

There are other churches up here that do a building share type thing.

Thanks for your thoughts...grace 2u

Shieldsy said...

I don't think I'd have any problems with letting out premises ... as long as I was pretty confident that they weren't going to do anything that brought the place into disrepute.

However if you're thinking of renting some premises to meet, my advice would be don't go for a 'churchy' building!

Dave said...

weren't going to do anything that brought the place into disrepute.

Too right, don't want a bunch of charismatics in there doing all their flag waving nonsense :)

don't go for a 'churchy' building!

There are times when a churchy styly building would be good, depending who you are trying to speak to, synagogue or market square, it was all the same to Paul...but I get what your saying.

Meg said...

The Messianic Jewish congregation that we now attend shared space for years with a Baptist church; now, we do the same with a Lutheran church. Their services are on Sundays; our Shabbat services are on Saturdays. Sometimes we join for some events. This Messianic pastor preaches the real Gospel more eloquently than any other preacher I've heard in years; should any of the Lutherans object, I'd simply invite them to one of our services. Galatians 3:26-28...
There are churches around here that rent public schools, senior citizens' centers or office complexes and no one bats an eye (different, little more diverse country w/ different customs and expectations) - but as you say, Dave, it was all the same to Paul!
Let us know the outcome, okay? Thanks, and wishing the Lord's blessings on this endeavor of yours,



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