Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's all screwed up

Christianity is all screwed up when we peddle tosh like this - bless me and stuff the world!! Where is our humility to live with what we have got, where God has placed us, where he has set our boundaries.

By the way if you 'do' the prayer of Jabez then be like an Ephesian, take your magic book outside, burn it and wise up. Try a few of the prayers of Jesus, will the Son of Man find faith when He returns?

Not sure, but he will find a whole heap of commercial crap that clamours to be rich and succesful, when did Jesus stop being sufficient?


Dinsy said...

Do you mean people actually customise that verse with their own or close friend/relative's name and hand it out on plaques and call it scripture?

If that is the case, I see what you mean about being all screwed up. It is a good way to make a lot of money from the gullible though. I wonder how much this guy spent on his table?

Gillian said...

Well that's Tapestry members Christmas pressies out the window!


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