Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Some people may be offended by this, others may understand it, others may hate it...either way its funny and sad.


Shieldsy said...

Not sure what's worse, commercial Christianity or Cynicism. I think the latter. Can't help thinking they could have done something more constructive with their video making talents.

Here's a much more balanced view of Hillsong with readers comments on the BBC news.

Have forgotten how to do hyperlinks so you'll have to cut & paste the link.

Aaron said...

This is a great find. Thanks for sharing.

christian lies said...


If you want to become FILTHY RICH,
join the Mason, The LABOUR PARTY,
and most important become a CHRISTIAN.

Remember Mother Teresa was a christian and look how rich she got.

Shieldsy said...


dinsy said...

CL, I read your links. Horrific reading. One can only hope that they are not true, but this quote from the first link -

"The most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the suffering of Christ," said Mother Teresa.

- makes me fear that they may be.

We have seen that she has some strange ideas about beauty, and about pain and sacrifice. I would only add that even if anyone personally thinks it great to suffer, they have no right to inflict it on other people, or even to refrain from lessening that suffering, if it is within their power to do so.

Aaron said...

If you believe what CL linked your a freaking moron.

dinsy said...

Aaron, thanks for your high opinion of me.

How can we tell whether it is true or not? Post some refutation of CL's links if you have some.

Mother Teresa has some very bizarre ideas about sacrifce and suffering. The links CL posted are commensurate with what I know of her views.

As you have such a limited ability to express yourself in insult, do you need me to explain "commensurate"?

Thanks for sharing.


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