Sunday, July 30, 2006

Death of a Friend

My desktop PC has died, it just will not switch, I have cleared the CMOS, alas nothing doing, so it is probably the power supply or the motherboard, myself I think the MB. So posting to the blog may be sporadic as we share one laptop.

Lost all my emails and links and videos, and writings etc etc, though I may be able to recover them from the HDD...time to start with a clean slate again maybe...forgetting what is past and all that.


Shieldsy said...

You shouldn't lose everything as long as your hard drive isn't affected.

My office laptop did the same couple of weeks ago. Turned out to be the mainboard.

Dave said...

hoping its just the power supply, I have lost entire hard disks 3 times, including all the emails...its not that bad, you mourn a bit and then enter into a time of liberation where you are free from the past, obviously you begin a new accumulation from the first day of freedom, but sometimes it is good to leave the past behind.

I know when I got divorced I left the house one morning with a few things, and have never been able to collect the rest. A whole 15 years left behind, photos, books, tools everything - but what does it really matter, whats past is past, just like the people in Tsunamis and earthquakes etc, everything is suddenly gone, sadly for them it often involves loved ones as how transient our existence on earth is!!!!


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