Monday, July 24, 2006

Comment Moderation

After a week away it is good to be back on the North, the weather is good and all looks well. Saw an Osprey yesterday just casually flying across the road near Tore, I love this place.

You may notice I have put 'comment moderation' back on, and this time its staying on for some time. One person in particular rarely comments on the topics anyway, seeming to have an agenda, and rarely responds to questions. So it may just take a while for comments to appear.

I sold my car, so if anyone is selling one then let me know, will hopefully be back to posting something of worth today...peace Dave


Dave said...

One comment received today said

Interesting to see Bible quotes being censored. Truth hurts.

No bible quotes were censored, it was the taking of those qoutes out of context that was not in line with this blog. Truth does not in fact hurt, if it hurts it is not truth.
Truth is liberating...

Nor will I post comments from anyone who thinks this kind of statement is appropriate.

This is typical fundamentalist language, and whilst I do not feel this blog is a relevant forum for discussing someones method of sexual relief, I would add that worship of the Bible or any religious book is not condusive with finding the truth.

This is why I am using comment moderation. I am all for reasoned dialogue and moving us on as people, but I am not spending often an hour or more just to have someone cut and paste a response from someone else's blog or website.

Lets get some original thought going here.


dinsy said...

"Truth does not in fact hurt, if it hurts it is not truth."

Do you think this is generally the case with all good things? I believe very strongly that "if it hurts, it isn't love" though there are many people in the world that will try and convince you the opposite.

I can't think of any good thing that hurts (except maybe medicine?). Giving doesn't hurt when it is true giving and not sacrifice.

I suppose maybe discipline? But even that leads to greater freedom.

Dave said...

Maybe it all stems from the days of self flegellation/abasement etc....but I agree, even discipline, if done out of love, leads to greater freedom

Shieldsy said...

I'm relieved to see you've put moderation back on. The blog was being ruined.

Disagreement and debate are reasonable but that's not what the rogue commentator had in mind. It was tedious & repetitive in the extreme, and whilst I apreciated your efforts to extend some grace to him, I think it only works in personal relationships ... virtual grace has very little effect.

Missed some of the more interesting discussion that used to take place on here. Only hope you haven't already lost a lot of your audience like you did me for a week or so. Maybe I can add GardenOfRenown back on my home page now.

Dave said...

I think it all coincided with me taking a break from the blog as well, but I agree, I had hoped for discussion but never seemed to get it.

It is a fine line to draw as to when we take the lead in what can be said, but even in a world of free speech I guess you have to silence people like Abu Hamsa.

Not sure who still comes here, not too concerned, but glad to see you stopping by :)


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