Friday, June 30, 2006

Vacating Scotland

Posting may be sporadic over the next few week, or at least comments from me. I am heading south on the sleeper tonight to go spend some time down in Bury St Edmunds via London tomorrow. Hopefully by the time I get back England will be in the World Cup Final and pigs will have resumed regular flights out of Gatwick :)
Only joking, England stand a good chance as long as they can get past Nuno's Portugal, have a nice week people and keep on commenting.


PeterinScotland said...

Did you see any pigs at Gatwick?

Anonymous said...

They're flying high, Sven's onboard one heading for Sweden

England are in good company with Argentina and Brazil, fact is we were not good enough, maybe a different coach would have tactically and motivationally created a better team, but really, if you cannot put the ball in the net then you do not win.

Dave (Captain, Porkers Airways)


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