Saturday, June 10, 2006

This blog is not...

...a christian website, it does not exist to promote christianity or any one particular denominational or religious bias, it is simply just what I write...when it began I wrote

please respect that this blog may not be 100% inerrant and infallible, simply becuase the fingers that type these words are driven by a brain that is powered by a heart that lives amongst thorns and thistles .


christian lies said...

Dave your too sensitive. Blogging can be a lonely pursuit ... slings and arrows...

Did you know that The Football War (or Soccer War), (was a shortlived war won 6 days in duration) fought by El Salvador and Honduras Honduras in 1969.

Several people, by that I mean more than 5, have been stabbed while wearing Celtic scarves.

So as you can see Football is more evil than that other stuff.

Dave said...

Cl, I was not being sensitive, but surely freedom of speech requires that people give some recourse.

As for football I have never stabbed anyone, football is an engrossing sport that I really enjoy both watching and playing. I jave loved since first kicking a ball - is it wrong to enjoy something?

christian lies said...

NO indeed.

I enjoy chocolate and other things, smoking ... et al.

But. Tis just that I believe Footie was invented by the anti-christ.

Please note I am a vegitarian.


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