Monday, June 19, 2006

Now this is True Emergent!!!

So all you Emergent people think you are at the cutting edge...ha! You are all so 1990's guys, you need to get on the racetrack! Why do I say this, well because not a single (NOT ONE) emergent site has done what these truly innovational people over at DigiBless have done.
This is finger on the pulse of our electronic culture...just listen to what they do...

At our site you can have all of your electronic documents blessed with a blessing of your own choice, using our Holy Server. Here at DigiBless we have decided that it is time to bring God into the virtual world, and so we provide this service free to believers all around the world. All we ask, is a small donation to enable us to continue to spread the word and blessings of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Our server and algorithms have been specially consecrated, enabling them to bless any data which passes through their blessing algorithms.

check the testimonials...

Christians all over the web have been looking for someting like this for ages. It's great to know that Jesus can be a part of the internet too."

"It's great peace of mind knowing that the power of Jesus is working for your electronic files, as well as it is for your physical ones. I wonder why nobody else has started to provide this service?"

"I'm not saying I wouldn't have gotten that job without Digibless, but I definitely feel that blessing my CV gave me a little extra helping hand..thank you so much Digibless!"

Digibless - Holy Water for your files

Okay thats it for now, I've got to get over to EBay, I'm auctioning prayers and want to see how many bids I've got!


christian lies said...

I have added
to my web site.

QUOTE"By adding your url to our website, our blessing algorithm will visit your site and bless all of the files it finds there. "

My photos are being "blessed by passing them through our Holy Server."

Never again will I suffer the little chi...I mean suffer blurry oot o focus images.

Meg said...

Way cool!


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