Monday, June 19, 2006

Looking in the wrong places

Someone gave me this today...

In a time when man worked the land around him, and the animals were his friends, a young Lakotan warrior, called Pilan, was sent from the camp to search out the spiritual essence he would need to become a great, fair and just warrior.

The chief, his father, sent him out from the South Dakota plains saying 'find me water, come back and tell me its source'.

Pilan did not want to find water, he did not want to recognise his spiritual man, for he did not want to become a great, fair and just warrior. Still he went as his father asked, and searched for the source of water, after three years he returned.

The Chief sat him down, all the nomadic Lakotan people sat and stood still, listening for his answers

'My dear Pilan, did you find the source of water'?

'No' he replied, 'there is no source for all this water, it just appears for a time and then vanishes, we can never know its source'.

The Chief drew a deep breath, his weathered face looked tired, 'and where did you look my son'

'I looked in three places, I went to the furthest north I could, to the land of ice and snow, I stood upon a vast and endless land of ice, it stretched for the rest of the world, but there was not a single drop of water in that place.

Then I went to the highest mountain in the far east and the far west, I stood on the top of every single peak, I stood on the roof of the earth and looked, but there was not a single drop of water on that place.

Finally I travelled to the far south, to a land of endless sand, a dry and deserted place, it was hotter than fire itself, there were no trees, no animals, I searched for many days, but there was not a single drop of water in that place.
So you see my father, there is no source for the water of life that keeps us alive'.

The great wise chief sighed, drawing closely to Pilan he spoke for all to hear.

'When you were on the ice, did you not feel it move and sway beneath your feet, and when you were on the mountain tops did you not see the rivers that ran down from those heights, and when in the desert did you not see the great dark rainclouds that were gathering on its furthest edges.

Pilan my dear son, you went with a heart that did not want to see, you went with eyes that chose not to look. You will only find your true spiritual man when you accept that in finding comes great responsibility, until you accept this path for your life, the path that all great warriors have trodden in the past, you will always remain a man who walks in the dark'.

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