Monday, June 26, 2006


David Beckham crashes a free kick into past Equador to earn a quarter final place for England, ecstacy for some, utter despondency for others.

This is football, a sport of great highs and lows, extremes of emotions. It is so amazing that in football (as in most sports) the difference between success and failure is ever so slight.

For England it was probably 2mm of Ashley Cole's knee that made the difference. Had Equador not been foiled scoring by Ashley Cole, then they may not have been heading home now.

The World Cup will produce 31 teams that have failed, some will win minor battles, have great highs along the way, but unless you are the winner you will know the pain of failing.

Yet even for that one winning team, the actual winning is short lived...the cry of past winners is always 'it hasn't sunk in yet'. The reason it never sinks in is because there is nothing to be sunk in, the high is over, everything else is down hill.

Let me explain a bit more...the lifting of the cup is great, the final whistle for the winning team is relief and joy, bringing the trophy home is memorable, but it is one moment that surpasses all.

It is that one intense moment when you realise the ball has crossed the line, that perfect moment when you leap from your seat in rare ecstasy, a brief but heady mix of joy and gesturing as your team either catches up or takes the lead...this is the best moment, and yet it lasts 2-5 seconds at best.

England play Portugal in the World Cup quarter-final on Saturday, I will be down in Bury St Edmunds, and hope to catch some of the atmosphere, but this coming week will see the build up, the analysts, the pundits and the permutations. Hour upon hour of pouring over statistics and form guides, second guessing formations.

All this for possibly (hopefully) one (or more) intense moments of ecstacy, but hey whatever anyone says, I love that one intense moment - just ask the neighbours!!


Gillian said...

It's great, and due to the terrible ref last night portugal are already down 2 players and possibly another by then - i'm certain we'll be feeling ecstatic!

Anonymous said...

Yes you better hurry and party now, because Portugal will BURY England on saturday!! Just watch.. we will make right on 66 and 86. There is no question that England will be wiped off the map on Saturday and put in their place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the geography facts, shame the cheatin Deco won't be playin


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