Saturday, June 10, 2006

Comments on Blog

If you want to comment Anonymously, something a lot of blogs do not allow, can you please put your name on it at the end. Commenting Anonymously is simply to save you having to set up a blogger, it is not an excuse for hiding, if you are not willing to say it face to face then don't say it at all. Also if you comment, then please understand that you must be willing to respond to subsequent comments.


dinsy said...

I don't understand this insistence on not posting annonymously that some blogs have. Do they contact the blogger people to double check that anyone with a blog account is a real person, with the real "vital statistics" that their profile says they are/have?

It's a World Wide web, that means we're all anonymous to almost everyone that reads or contributes to everything on the web. Why does having a blogger account confer some sort of "known" status on someone?

Will someone reading this who runs a "no anonymous" blog please tell me why?

Dinsy - anonymous blog reader

Dave said...

my insistence is when people put provocative comments on and then never respond again or leave no name.
For me I often lay my heart open through here, just being honest, it stinks when people drop a comment on and then vanish.
I understand your point about not allowing anon comments on a blog and making you sign up for a blogger account...does that make sense...I doubt it.

dinsy said...

Didn't mean this blog Dave. I agree it's nice to have a tag to recognise a commenter by, but that is all it is.

I daresay not everyone posting on this blog uses their real name :-)

Meg said...

I agree, Dave. I would never want to be thought of as an anonymous bomb-dropper (500-lb. or otherwise) and so I did set up a blogger account. Y'all can see it when I get it up and running; no time right now. In the meantime, I will 'fess up to having been "anon" re: the unnecessity in churches of false elders. Hope eventually we can discuss that and other church fakes, too, as was suggested! (Or maybe I should appropriate that for my own blog... ;>)...)

Dave said...

Thanks Meg, good to see you here and I look forward to your blog, and would love to discuss the fake...whatever...thing


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