Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brian McLaren teaches Everlasting Annihilation

Okay maybe he doesn't, but hey its the interent, we can say what ever we want, 'there's no truth like my truth' as Mark Twain once said...or did he?

If you want to know what McLaren thinks about hell though, there are a series of articles over at

McLaren also teaches a 'new' third way Christianity, The Oregonian says in an article...'If you believe in Jesus but not in the Christian talking heads on television, or if you found "The Da Vinci Code" frustrating because its premise held more promise than proof, Brian D. McLaren wants you to know there is a third way to talk about your faith'.

'We need to dress in rabbit suits and begin to hide behind walls and under hedges, whispering the gospel in Swedish to people as they walk past' says Brian...okay no he never, there goes that truth thing again, but here is what he does say at


Anonymous said...

Brian who?

Dave said...

No...Dr Who

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brian McLaren is the antichrist?

Sorry, that is a joke.

Probably not a very funny one.

I think it's funny.

But I bet Brian McLaren wouldn't think it's funny.

I wonder, does your mom think it's funny?

christian lies said...

Shannon you ask if Brian McL is the antichrist.

I am the antichrist according to HD Dempster, a christian who writes in a local paper, the Highland News.

HD [Peace be upon Him], a christian states that everyone, EVERYONE who dosnt support jesus is the antichrist.

I expect he thinks like many christians and that why we have 2006 years of christian genocide.

god loves ya honey.


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