Friday, June 09, 2006

And so it begins...

Germany 4 - 2 Costa Rica or Shannon (secret Chuck Norris fan) vs Spiny (Dinsy's make believe 100ft hedgehog)

Equador 2 - 0 Poland or Hugh vs Alexander

Live scores

..and Shannon...just for you, a picture of Javi moments after someone on the pitch said that McBatman is a girly and wears girly skirts...and yes I may make him a banner when Spain play.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Thanks for the picture of Javi, Dave! It's good to know he sticks up for the bat. Even when he's made he's a babe.

G O D B L E S S J A V I .

(oh yeah, and God bless Germany!)

By the way...
Javi vs. Chuck Norris. Who would win?

Dave said...

after seeing him grab that guy I think old Chuck would be running to the hills, texas ranger or not.

dinsy said...

How can you say there is no Spiny?

Just because (I assume) you've never seen him, or heard him, and can't scientifically prove that he exists, that is no reason to label him "make believe".

dinsy (posting for spiny) said...

Shannon, congrats on you first win last night - just wait till you come up against Togo though!

Are Americans allowed to say things like "God bless Germany" - I thought your teeth fell out and your tongue swelled up if you said anything but America in that phrase?

Dave said...

if he wins i will take the DVD's to him personally, then i will see him and believe

dinsy (posting for spiny) said...

Nice one, Dave "Thomas" Lynch! You win.

PS. (With Costa Rico and Togo I think you will not have to seek him too hard - dinsy)


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