Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 - today

So I guess I get to post the last article on 060606, and yep the world is still turnin, mind you there is still 10 mins to go.

As it is 060606 I thought it would be good to blog this photo, what you are looking at is a rapture ready pack. This is currently being tested at 'Luthers Garage', the most forward thinking Reformed Emergent Mega church.

Once potential members have agreed and signed the
covenant of membership, attended the 12 week New Members 101 course, and sworn allegiance to only use Mac's
(the Emergent mans I.T of choice) they are issued with their own personal Rapture Packs.

Luthers Garage have also installed a fully retractable roof operable only from the pulpit, thereby enabling female Pastor Elle Vate to lead the way.

Whilst all this sounds a great innovative and much needed addition to modern churches, a word of caution is needed. In a scene reminiscent of the closing acts from Charlie and the Chocalate Factory, one of Luthers Garage deacons accidentally hit the 'Rapture Now' button whilst not having the pack belted onto her body. Smashing through the glass roof of the auditorium, this eager rapturee was currently being tracked by local air traffic control.


Anonymous said...

Ha!! My sister and I are cracking up at these pictures... Missy says it makes her want to join the church just to get one of those things. Sweet.

alexander said...

Love it!


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