Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why do golfers have hard balls

Okay, so I've been doin some research into the history of golf, and it appears that the modern golf ball was not the preferred choice when the game began in Scotland.

Due to no manufacturing process, the game began with golfers using eggs. The first recorded championship, the 'Free Range Foursomes', was held at the Old course at Brornoch on Scotlands East Coast. The winner was Capt Roger Caspian Stringent-Rool who carded a 4599 over par 4879. The amount of eggs used led to the creation of the first battery farms being established alongside the worlds top courses. After three years, and the fact that whole batteries of hens formed unions, holding planned sit downs on the 18th green at St.Andrews, the newly formed R&A abandoned the egg ball and began making them with feathers glued together, also making them round (another helpful addition).

But what if we had applied modern egg technology, could we not go back to the egg? A recent experiment reveals the massive strides that have been taken in the development of an egg suitable for golf...just hit play.

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