Thursday, May 11, 2006

TBN - Video and intended comments

Okay this is my penultimate word on TBN, I am preparing a post on the many comments received today, but while I work on that I will leave you a is serious, but it is also funny, and a bit sad...just try and imagine the Apostles behaving like this...I've probably infringed every copyright...sorry if have, this is not for profit.

The file is 18MB but once downloaded once it will run fine...this is just me casting the net, those who have an ear will understand.


Shieldsy said...

I touched the screen during that video and felt power surge through my body ... or was that static?

Why did you block out the number for the glow in the dark, most blessed cross? It's my wifes birthday in July!

Dave said...

Sorry, glow in the dark crosses are sold out, can probably get the Jesus watch for you, how else will you 'discern the times' without a Messianic timepiece.


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