Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Shell in your Ear

When Andrew got home from school today he picked up a shell in the bathroom, holding it to his ear he said 'Listen dad, I can hear the sea', he was right, at just the right angle I could hear the distant ocean.

Now all you logical mature adults will say, 'yes, but thats just the angle you are holding that causes you to hear a rush of air'.

But what if I could actually hear the sea, like some distant memory belonging to the creature that once lived in the now empty shell, an echo from the past.

And so I wonder if that is how the Eternal Creator hears when he takes up the empty shell of humanity, angles it to his ear, and hears a distant echo from a time that the heart of man beat within. Only the creator can restore the eternal spirit of a man to the empty shell, religion on the other hand, looks at humanity, angles its ears, and only ever hears a rush of air.'

May we all have the hearing of a child.

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