Friday, May 12, 2006

A Prayer

This is a prayer I wrote 4 years ago, and it is a prayer that is as relevant today as it was then.

Father by the grace of your most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, and by the indwelling power and presence of Your Holy Spirit, I come to bow before you in adoration and reverence.

Father I humbly ask that you would show me more of your plans for your building. I cry out and beseech you and ask that you would make us a house of prayer, a house of refuge and a house of fellowship.

There is no doubt in my heart father, you are faithful and true. I believe there is a narrow road to walk, and I see that as we walk the road becomes narrower and there seem to be less people on it. I know I have no earthly right to walk this road; I have no claim to stake on this road, for I am on this road because Grace placed me here, and Grace will keep me here. My purpose on this road is to serve you and my neighbours, to grow in you and to learn obedience.

Father build this place into a garden where the ever tightening bonds of wickedness are loosed, where the heavy burdens are undone, where the oppressed go free, a refuge where every yoke is broken.

Father make the building around us a place where I can share my bread with the hungry, make it a place where you will call from the desolate places those who are poor and cast down. Make it a dwelling where they may be rich in you, having both a temporal and eternal home, a place where I would not hide from those who are naked, but that your garments of light and righteousness would cover them.

Father let the light of Christ break forth like the morning, and let His healing, with much speed, spring forth, let righteousness go before me and let your glory be my rearguard.

Father teach me to cry out that I may hear you answer and say ‘Here I am’. Show me how to take away the yoke from within my midst, and will you amputate my pointing finger; silence my wagging tongue of wickedness.

Father teach me to extend my soul to the hungry and to satisfy the afflicted soul.

Father make your light within me dawn in the darkness and make my darkness as the noonday.

Father guide me continually and satisfy me in times of drought, strengthen my bones and make me like a watered garden, make me like a spring that never fails.

Father help me turn my foot from doing my pleasure on the Sabbath, to make me call your Holy day a delight and an honourable day. Teach me not to go my own way, teach me not to seek self-pleasure and teach me not to speak my own words.

Finally, for those who are drawn to this place, Lord will you create them into people that shall build the old waste places, and that this house that you build will have foundations that extend for many generations. Cause your people that you bring to be known as the Repairers of the Breach and the Restorers of the Streets to Dwell.

So Father cause me to delight in you and cause me to ride on the high hills of your earth.

Father will you in your most gracious mercy, and in your abundant grace as the Giver of Life, feed me with the heritage of Jacob.



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