Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The picture is looking west over Strathpeffer, there is still snow on some of the far hills, click picture for enlarged view.

Not much to say right now, just going over to meet someone in Inverurie near Aberdeen and Shannon is leaving for Fife and then the Savannah, Georgia.

The World Cup Sweep has slowed down...I cannot believe you do not want the chance of two free DVD's....so come on 'Pick a Number'


Shieldsy said...

OK, I'll choose #19 for my wife please ... or is that cheating!

Missy McCormick said...

Geez Dave, are you a frickin' photographer or is does Scotland just happen to be that beautiful on any given day? My heart is fading in the 92degree heat.

christian lies said...

One note that in the other image of Ross-shire, a fence appears at the bottom of the picture. One wonder if this represents a psychological barrier between you and nature or between you and the viewer........or both?

We should be told.

Dave said...

mmmmm - not sure how to answer that CL, the fence in the picture is a barrier between me and the road, not sure how deep I can go.

Definately not nature, I have a story about my oneness with the creation, but too long for here. You are the viewer...is there a barrier for you, I have laid my heart open for all to see on this blog.


christian lies said...

Sorry I am hyper critical of all photography especially my own.

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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