Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Things

Just trying out a new counter so you can see who is on line, as well as a little chat box, not sure how this will work but thought I would give it a go...alas won't be chatting much tonight as I want to watch the Barca v Arsenal heres is my prediction Barcelona 4 Arsenal 2, well it least it would be entertaining.


christian lies said...

Football is the devils work. I watched it once when my Grandfather took me to see Rangers at Ibrox.

Isnt footieball all about religeon ?
Celtic Rangers................

Proletarians spend hours on footie ball..........

Dave said...

Yep, football is the devils work and right now he's helping Chelsea...!

Really though I think there is a lot of religion in the Old Firm games (Celtic/Rangers) from the old days, but football for me was about belonging to a community with the same interest, about passion and about playing the game...I never even thought of religion and football, nor did any of my friends, I guess it must be a scottish thing.

Shieldsy said...

Most big cities have a 'blue' team & a 'red' team which originally would have been along protestant/Roman Catholic divides. Of course, that's all pretty irrelevant now. It only ever seems to get mentioned at all now in a Celtic/Rangers context.

Football - IMHO - is the 'new' religion for whole hosts of people. Even football hooliganism is basically Old Testement tribalism. But maybe that's a whole can of worms that it's not worth opening!

Question for you lot north of the border ... isn't league football just a complete waste of time for you guys? Wouldnt it be better to join the English leagues so that you didn't just have a competiton between 2 teams?

Dave said...

Hye Shieldsy, thats so right, it is tribalism (I also don't want to open that can, but even denominations can be like that).
It was the tribalism that I used to love...when Man Utd were playing away and we could not get tickets we would go to Bury FC instead, just for the simple purpose of joining there crew and fighting the opposing fans.
It was a heady and intoxicating drug to be chased and to chase and fight a different tribe, fear and bravado, moving up the ranks, just being part of a group (tribe) gave a young manchester lad a sense of identity. Ultimately it was all futile and I take no pride in it, that is why I so despise the competitivness of churches, how we can often de-personalise everyone into a rival rather than a brother and sister.

Man I so want to open this can of worms now, I guess I won't just yet, but even political parties have latent tribalistic rituals and functions, often based around language and culture, maybe when it all comes down to basics then tribalism is what underpins most groups....all that is except one...The Kingdom of God!!!!

dinsy said...

Used to people comparing people's attitudes to football as being their religion, but have not yet come across anyone complaining that churches attitudes to each other are like football fan rivalries before. Who are the Millwall supporters?

One trouble with joining the English league would be not many Scottish teams would be up to top division standard and have any serious (within context) trophies to play for? Also travelling to away matches would be a major problem - the southern/central Scottish teams had enough protest about Inverness being admitted into the top Scottish league two seasons ago.

Would probably make even stronger grounds for combining the national sides into a GB international team. That would be a sad day - I still have fond memories of Scotland beating England back in 70whatever - a lot of the Scottish side were Leeds United players.

Dave said...

Glad your memories of Sotland beating England go back to the 70's :)


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