Saturday, May 13, 2006

Look Around

Was just watching a preview for an anti-christian film called 'the God who wasn't there ' (nice to see they capitalise God???), it really is a poor film, it is used to convert Christians to whatever.
They hate the Christian worldview, yet they have there own ideology, and yep you guessed it, that is a faith based system as well.
I wanted to get a free copy of this film, there seems to be a campaign to secretly place one in every church in covert operations, why is everyone so sneaky.

They make it sound really cloak and dagger. Sorry guys, not exactly Mission Impossible 4, placing a DVD onto the back table whilst the womens circle bake flapjack and knit pew kneelers at the front. I will try and email this group again and tell them nobody covertly put one in our premises, maybe Christian Lies can bring us one. They won't even give me one free?? Even though it saves them having to covertly place one, saving their brave soldiers from the risk of encountering a potentially violent engagement with a crack team of church flower arrangers, here is there daring report, there are more here...battle reports.

I distributed most of a case (30) DVDs. We hit 4 church yards and a YMCA. Each of those locations have historically had Easter egg hunts around them.

I could probably say a bunch, but the pictures pretty well speak for themselves. I only got one picture at the Evangel Temple church (my last stop) because using having the camera flash going off repeatedly at that location just wasn’t ’stealthy’ enough. Using a flash at night, just isn’t very stealthy at all. For the other stops, it didn’t matter and we just flashed away.

(mmmm...grown men, in the dark, in the bushes, wearing shorts and saying 'and we just flashed away').

Man he was lucky that conifer didn't attack him...should advise him to wear more covert clothing, hey I know Shannon's dad makes and retails a great line in camouflage kilts, handy if they are detached to Scotland.

The film seeks to deny Jesus existed, strange how they have not made a film 'why Mohammed did not exist' (Jesus and Mohammed did both exist). I would like to see them sneak that into a mosque in Tehran, or Kabul or Basra. Or go and hand round anti Islamic leaflets around the streets of Bradford.

So what can I very sad!! I can only pray that these people never meet up with a renegade gang of anarchic bell ringers.

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