Monday, May 01, 2006

King of the Hill...Church

Very funny look at Church.

Also available here...PLAY


Anonymous said...

Hi David, its Ellie from Glasgow here!!, Well, what can I say? Class!! still laughing my socks off. Makes me think I should give up all this bible study and start watching TV again. dont worry, only kiddin, but then you knew that, didnt you?

shieldsy said...


Dave said...

Hey Ellie,

Yes I knew were kiddin, guess you would love to be part of a mega church hey, reserved seats and all that, big TV, (thats me kiddin) but don't give up the bible study, and let us know what you find in your that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I just watched this - and now I'm freaked out big-time!! ;>) I've been to churches just like that here in the States... Also, those small, spooky ones are all too real and plentiful in these parts. Sure, I laughed at it but boy, what makes it so funny is that it's so close to the sickening truth!


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