Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hitch on up to Paul's Love Gift Spot


Join us as we embark on an epic voyage of courage, fortitude and wild excitement with host Jan Crouch, a journey to the vast unexplored continent of Paul Crouch's love gift spot. Listen to him tease, I guess your searchin on ebookers right now to book your place...check what prophets of old have said...

Let's pray together everybody. Just stand in proxy. Because the word of the lord is going to come. Let's lift your hands and praise him. Let's praise him. Paul crouch, the name that has been spoken about through centuries by angelic hosts…for a day would come when christianity would change its course because of a pioneer that was born for the day.

So saddle up with yer cowboy bible and ride of into the sunset, ride my friends to Pauls love gift spot

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