Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Great Photo

Found some great photos from a guy called Dave who lives on the Black Isle, not sure if these photos are copyrighted (couldn't see anything), but just fun photo's. This must be Bear Scotland who maintain the roads, funny comments please.


Shannon Byous said...

Do you think Batman and this guy could go on a roadtrip together? Those photos would be awesome!

christian lies said...

Shannon got your eMail but inadvertantly deleted it glad you like the images.

I phoned Dave and introduced him to THE Laws of Copyright [UK]


Before you go any further you need to know that there is no official register for copyright. It is an unregistered right (unlike patents, registered designs or trade marks). So, there is no official action to take, (no application to make, forms to fill in or fees to pay). Copyright comes into effect immediately, as soon as something that can be protected is created and "fixed" in some way, eg on paper, on film, via sound recording, as an electronic record on the internet, etc.

It is a good idea for you to mark your copyright work with the copyright symbol © followed by your name and the date, to warn others against copying it, but it is not legally necessary in the UK.

>>>>>>but it is not legally necessary in the UK.<<<<<<<<

Dave and I are going to wake up these bloody christians to the fact they are killing the .........

jesus bloody blog

Jesus Christ...
The Truth Exists...

I recently received this urgent letter from the most loving scientist on Mother Earth. So I suggest that ALL of you pay VERY careful attention to what it says, RIGHT NOW.

Dear Everyone In The Multiuniverses Everywhere...

I am a scientist on Mother Earth who runs an underground scientific and social news information resource...and right now, it is very extremely urgent that you pay careful attention to these words as of this moment in time.

It seems we have a much bigger problem with the Iraq Wars than we originally thought.

You see, the U.S. Military has been using "depleted uranium" weapons in all of its wars since 1991. And now, because of this single issue...by all known verifiable accounts, we now know that at least 400,000 atomic bombs worth of radiation has been spread into the entire Earth's atmosphere in the form of microscopic-to-dust-sized uranium and uranium oxide particles.

These are the known issues we all face because of this, right now:

Iraq is now fully contaminated with radiation, because of all of this atrocity. The people over there are dying, and their children are being born mutated. This is a fact that can be verified independently, if you so choose to do so.

Most of the soliders coming back from these wars have been contaminated with uranium radiation contamination, and they've been spreading it to others through sexual transmission.

This is now causing a "spiderweb" contamination effect throughout the whole world. Thus, countless millions of innocent men, women and children are becoming contaminated by radiation entirely without their understanding each and every single day, which is now spreading across the entire Earth like a wildfire out of control.

Again, these are facts that can be verified independently through the various medical accounts that have been already published on this subject.

The continuing spread of this radiation has been verifiably tracked within our entire atmosphere. It has been noted by concerned scientists in the U.K. and in many other locations throughout the entire world. This means that our entire globe has thus been contaminated in this manner, and it is getting worse with every single day...because now it rains down on all of us via the global winds.

You, me, our children, our families, all the animals, all the plants. On everything that we hold most dear in our hearts, because it is all that which gives us life itself.

And it is all destined to die if nothing is done immediately.

Once again, these are FACTS that can be verified independently by anyone who does some research on the internet.

400,000 atomic bombs worth of radiation in the biosphere is enough to contaminate the entire planet for 4.5 BILLION YEARS. We cannot survive in that kind of hell. It is impossible.

All of the scientific projections are horrifyingly terminal for the entire integrated system of life that is this entire planet of Mother Earth, because of it.

These are the FACTS, and we ALL need to deal with it...now.

Because basically, we're all dying.

I flatly project that all of this is enough to extinct all of mankind and most of the surface life on this planet within 2 generations.

Shieldsy said...

Will my Kryptonite vest & underpants not even protect me?

christian lies said...

Underpants if clean, may.

Shieldsy said...

Hey, is that a tiny glimmer of a sense of humour I see coming through? ;o)

Anonymous said...

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