Monday, May 22, 2006

Bunny Man

If you do not know the film 'Grizzly Man', then this will make little sense, best go check that out first....and then

Alan Stanley lived among wild bunnies for 13 summers before he was mauled to death by one. He went to remote areas of the Alaskan peninsula believing that he was needed there to protect these animals and educate the public. During his last five years out there, he took along a video camera and shot over 100 hours of footage.

What Alan intended was to show these bunnies in their natural habitat. I found that beyond the wildlife film, in his material lay dormant a story of astonishing beauty and depth. I discovered a film of human ecstasies and darkest inner turmoil. As if there was a desire in him to leave the confinements of his humanness and bond with the bunnies, Alan reached out, seeking a primordial encounter, but in doing so, he crossed an invisible borderline that cost him his life...more

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