Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brian McLaren - A True Son Of Lucifer

...or so goes this post by Jacob Prasch as he contends McLarens stand on homosexuality...

Emergent Church Guru, Brian McLaren has now publicly stated that “many of us do not know what to think about homosexuality’ and suggests a five years moratorium on addressing the issue...
full article here

Also the website DeceptionintheChurch (a website that has led some people into cult groups through lack of discernment) has numerous articles opposing Emergent Church

As the Apostle tells us...But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another

Sad days indeed


Shieldsy said...

Jacob Prasch ... there's a name that brings a smile to my face. Went to hear him do some teaching in Manchester. Brilliant exposition of some passage in Daniel. Brought out all sorts of things that probably only a Jewish believer could. Signed up for his newsletter.

When I got his newsletter I was shocked/dismayed/amused to find that basically it was an excuse to slag off every ministry that was the least bit more succesful than his. As well as all the usual suspects (Roman Catholics, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard Brown, etc) I was pleasantly surprised to read condemnations of Alpha, Rick Joyner, Pensacola AOG, and even Butlins (apparently their bar was open when he was holding a conference). On & on & on went the criticisms until I could stomach no more.

The slightly amusing/sickening thing was their was also a small article explaining that because of suffering whiplash in a car accident, Jacob was now only able to travel by 1st class air travel!!

The word Grace never appears in his vocabulary. I wrote to ask if this was the tone of all the newsletter and if it was then to remove me from the mailing list. I received a letter back saying (and this is without the least bit of exageration) it was their Biblical responsibility to expose error and if I couldn't accept this then I was probably being deceived by the enemy!

Needless to say that I continue in my deception and am no longer on their mailing list

If you ever get chance to hear Jacob Prasch teach then it's well worth it .

Dave said...

Thats the sad thing, he does have a knowledge of the scriptures, yet he uses it to wield a sword out of legality and hate rather than grace and love.
Mind you I always did think that Butlins was the 'whore of babylon' :), well definately after spending Spring Harvest in one of their 40 year 1 bed chalets!!

Where does the bible tell us to tear up error? It does not, these people are so far up themselves that they can no longer see the light, sad because they maybe have a great deal to offer the body.

Alastair said...

I guess in a postmodern anchorless world much of the 'Church' is led more by fear than love. As culture seems to slide away from the Church having much influence, those who like the idea of the church being 'in power' are threatened and bitter...

Deep thought, in response to a great post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I've had a read of the article by Jacob Prasch, and am curious to know what you think of his stand or lack of his stand on homosexuality. If this is really what B. Maclaren says, then doesn't it trouble you too?
The Bible is quite clear on the subject.

Sorry I've not been around for a bit.


billy westwood said...

Dave writes about knowledge of scripture, but the use of the scripture seems to be used out of context. Prasch is right is questioning Mclaren's authenticity as a believer? You should have heard Brian's comments about the church at Yale. Check it out, on-line? Why is it that you post-modern religious people are the only ones that get to critique? I think discerning the anti-Christ spirit is important. And in my book, Brian is most def moving in the AC spirit.

Dave said...

Hi, Not sure how the scripture is out of context Diego for Prasch certainly uses his words to devour McLaren.
I am not sure how much you know of Jacob Prasch, but where are we ever called to question someone elses salvation, do we know the secret work of God or the inner motives of mens hearts, and why call him a 'true son of lucifer' you agree that Brian Mclaren is a son of the devil?
Do you have a link to the Yale thing?
I would be interested to know where I stated that I was the only one who gets to critique, and why do you call be a 'post modern religious', what does that mean.
Most of my reading, actually about 95% is from the Scriptures, so I don't see how agreeing with the !st century writers makes me 'post modern'.

I see you say that BMcLaren is 'def moving in the spirit of anti christ. I have only read one of his books and never got that sense, I have read much anti christian teaching from 'respected' teachers, yet I am not sure I am as certain as you to make a call like yours?


haso said...

now that all these watchmen join to beat the emerging church, maybe they have a little more mercy on toronto blessed, faith moved guys like me. or at least they do not have enough time any more to trouble us as they used to. but unfortunately right now i´m in the process of getting a little more emerging myself. so let´s gracefully stay on their list.

your fellow culprit in christ haso


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