Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bollox 2

For those who have not read the previous post then please note, Bollox in its use here is not what you think, read the previous post or check the small print, here is the disclaimer...

Bollox (a trademark of GluxoKen) is a veterinary medicine used in the treatment of dairy cows past milk producing age. The Bollox is mixed with Krappe (a distilling agent) and is applied to the udders using a spray lance. The mix of Bollox and Krappe reduces the size of the udders making them totally irrelavent for the purpose they were designed. Therefore from now on all topics that deal with irrelevancy in christendom will be
formally known as Bollox.

So here we are with Bollox 2, and here we touch a well known sacred cow, namely 'the building'.
Just the other day I heard someone pray 'thank you Lord that once again you have gathered us into your house'. So here we go once and for all, God does not live in buildings built by mens hands, he does not dwell in any earthbound structure. You have more chance finding Jesus on a hill than you do in an ornate building, and to be honest I have had more spiritual encounters with the divine outside in the realm of nature, than I have in organised church services.
Thats a tired argument, I know you all know that one, the real Bollox is this...that you believe that you have to bring people to church for them to know Jesus.

Here is a fact, people that were not part of God's community were never expected to be in the corporate gatherings, yet we try so hard to get them there. We run events to get people into 'church', we hold special services, we think 'if only they could hear the pastor preach'.

The church (not the building) goes about its vocation every day amongst friends, neighbours and enemies (who we love!). There is this whole centripetal mindset that thinks that people need to come to our building to encounter that is total Bollox, ladies and gentleman of the church in 2006...'Jesus has left the Building...forever.'

The Kingdom is centrifugal, it goes out, what if we were to lose every building we have, what then (hey and no marks for the home churches either, so many homers think 'if only we could get them to the home' - simply replacing religious building with home).

So before I lose track and get accused of writing a load of Bollox myself, let me summarise my main point...You do not have to bring anyone to church, that is why Paul wrote 'if an unbeliever comes into your midst', you see it was not expected. We are a centrifugal and not a centripetal gathering of pilgrim people. That is we are propelled in boldness by our faith, our passion and our love, emanating from a divine central spring, outwards in acts of love and mercy, and never inward in acts of self absorption and fear.


Centripetal...Moving or directed toward a center or axis.

Centrifugal...Moving or directed away from a center or axis.

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