Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yet again!

Okay, so here we go again, another tournament with a star player injured...who remembers Robsons dislocated arm, Linekers wrist, Beckhams metathingy, Rooney's metathingy in Euro 2004, and now its Rooney and Owen again.

Now I am no expert, but I reckon Rooney will be fit for the final, and the quarters finals are 54 days away, thats nearly 10 weeks, so all is not lost.

I was hoping Sky Sports may have done an interactive 'bone-cam', like the player cam but one that would allow us to watch Rooneys bone growing back together 24/7.

If all else fails, and Owen and Rooney fail to make it, then take heart my English friends, for as we face the techincal intricacies of the Italian and German defences, or the robust disciplined back four of the Argentinians or Brazilians, then at least we have the 'Crouch'.

Standing at a colossal 6'5" and weighing about as much as Rooneys weekly pie intake, the big fella will tower over the weenie South Americans as we pump ball after ball up field in true Republic of Ireland style, and how well it served them.

Now thats something to make Scolari jealous!!


dinsy said...

Sorry Dave, you've lost me completely here. Shannon's blog makes much more sense today!

Dave said...

I can explain one day maybe...but then again maybe not...better to stick to Shannon's blog


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