Monday, April 17, 2006

Wiping away the tears

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So I was over at 'the Ferry' today, a notorious estate in Inverness where I know for a fact that a lot of families with social issues get moved there, as well as it appears all the stray dogs, and also the single mums etc...kind of like a Leper Colony for the Highlands (sorry to anyone who lives there, I don't mean that in a bad way)

I was round at my daughters friends house, you can see the pictures of her baby, Cody. I can't say too much but please pray for the midst of all this depression I found one of his toys, a crocodile that sings...'Crocodile Rock' of course, and it appeared that he had more of his own hair than Elton John (Sir?).

So I prayed for that estate today, for that tiny little family, and I prayed 'God I know you will one day wipe away all tears, you tell us this, and that is a truly amazing promise, but I just wonder if can be bold enough to ask for an advance ahead of payday, can I ask that you would come and begin to wipe those tears away today'.


christian lies said...

How many Mums have you made ? Single ?

Dave said...

Dear Christian Lies,

This comment was very surprising, for you do not know me and yet you feel that you can ask me such personal and intimate questions for all to see.
I am not sure what your question means, so i will answer it honestly...
How many mums have I made? Well I am divorced and remarried, and have children from both marriages so that makes two, of which one is obviously now single though she does not have care of the child.
I assume that is what you meant, yet I fail to see what relevance it has to this would you help the people on this estate?


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