Tuesday, April 25, 2006


There was once a woman who was sitting on her front porch just enjoying the weather. Her head was laid back on the cushion of the sofa when she felt something very light land on her. Reaching for whatever it was she picked up a leaf. It was light brown, devoid of any moisture and very, very delicate. She knew right away that it came from the ash tree in the front yard by the way it was shaped, and for no apparent reason she looked over at the ash tree it had come from.

Yet she was a little shocked when she saw it, for the tree it came from was bursting with new bright green spring leaves. They looked nothing like the leaf in her hand. this one was brown, breaking apart, dead. The ones on the tree were bright green, firm and symbolic of life. Her mind began to wander. If she had never seen an ash tree changing in the seasons, she would never have guessed that these two leaves could be from the same tree. She might just assume that the leaf in his hand was from a different kind of tree.

We can view each other that way, we do not always see those around us as they once were or as how they have the potential to be. But God has seen during every one of our seasons. He knows that even though right now we may be a dry, dead person on the inside we have the potential to burst forth again with the life that only He can give us.

For many of us it has been a long time since we have had a spring time in the realm of our hearts and souls, yet God sees us for what we really are, He knows what our seasons look like, whether we are in a season of spring and producing new life or if we have been in a season of bleak and dismal winter.

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