Friday, April 21, 2006

The Light Bulb one

Thought of a few more, just to keep up with current church trends.

How Many Church Members Does it Take to Change A Light Bulb?

Emergent: Were not into numbers, so first we need to work out which light bulb is culturally relevant, then we need to blog about the postmodern concept of light bulbs and then finally seek permission from Starbucks to see if they will allow us to tamper with their light fittings.

Hillsong: 250(all glamorous of course)...thats one to change it and 249 to sing about it.

Word Faith: None, for though the light has gone out, we believe it is still working and positively confess its luminary power.

1 comment:

dinsy said...

Can I add mine, please?

Post modern, reformed Amish: Two, one to change the lightbulb and the other to make sure his zip is properly fastened.


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