Friday, February 10, 2006

Word Association - Sunday School

Okay what does it mean to you...

For me it has always been a view that this is where you put the children of the church till the sermons over, though maybe not quite in those simplistic terms. The Sunday School movement is modern (1760), read the article below and the link if you get chance. How have we got to what it is now in such a short time, how about rediscovering what Sunday School was really about and inviting all the kids from your locality - free of charge - on a Sunday afternoon maybe (sorry the Sunday roast can wait) and show them the love of Jesus whatever the cost.

My friends, I give you Robert Raikes...

His main claim to fame was the founding of the first Sunday School . One day, while looking for a gardener, he found himself in St. Catherine's St. He noticed a group of ragged children playing in the street. The gardeners wife told him that it was even worse on Sunday when the street was full of children cursing and swearing and spending their time in noise and riot.Most of these children were employed in the pin making industry and would have worked six days a week for very long hours .
Robert Raikes then realised that the prisons were full of people whose lives had been shaped by their deprived childhood.Soon after this, he and the reverend Thomas Stock opened the worlds first Sunday School in St. Catherine's St...full article

Another more in depth article here

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