Monday, February 20, 2006

Dynamic Church Growth

From Steve Addisons blog...

April 9, this year marks one hundred years since the Azusa Street Revival which launched Pentecostalism as a dynamic movement.

Zero to half a billion in 100 years is not a bad record for a movement.

Don’t try and understand Pentecostalism and it’s significance simply by watching Christian TV. The vast majority of Pentecostals are from the “global South=developing world=majority world”. The regions with the world’s highest population growth.

Demographics is destiny. They are the future. God has a bias for the poor, and a sense of humour.

One of the best articles I’ve read on understanding Pentecostalism as a missionary movement is Towards a Pentecostal Missiology for the Majority World by Allan Anderson. A free pdf download.

Read it. Distill the learning. Do something.

The King is coming.


Anonymous said...

take a peek at - you might find this blog's got some't to say if you ain't been there afore now

Dave said...

anon...was there anything in particular you were meaning on tsk? he stayed at our house a few weeks back and he is a really sound guy


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