Saturday, January 21, 2006

Whale of a time

Okay, I don't think I have a heart, you see I have been watching the whale thing. It is headline news on the BBC. It has cost close to £100,000 to rescue a whale that was obviously ill or it would not have decided on a tour of London.

Two days to rescue it and then they finally get in on a barge and take it out to sea, sadly it died en route, so now they have fetched it back and it is under police guard. Well you would not want to dump it in the sea would you, after all it is now a celebrity, and it has to worth a police guard, everyone wants to steal a four ton whale, (well students probably would, beats a traffic cone).

So what happens now, a state funeral or maybe the whale will appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

I ask you, we have killed millions of them, so why save this one, which subsequently died.

When I was in the Falklands we found a remote beach with hundreds of beached whales, sorry to say this happens.


Shieldsy said...

Can't agree more. I just don't get the british mentality towards animals. Saves us caring about people I suppose.

True anecdote: Speaking to my aged aunty about the plight of some of the kids I work with. "Don't give me that, blaming it on their upbringing. They just need to take responsibility for their actions etc".

Quick change of subject by me. "Has the cat done all that damage to the wallpaper and furniture?"

"Yes, but it was mistreated as a kitten".

I kid you not!!

Dave said...

That is priceless, mind you I remember Top Cat and Benny had pretty bad kittenhoods, and look at the trouble they caused officer Dibble.

Again, that is brilliant, might use that one.

Gillian said...

One of our rabbits died yesterday, i told Catherine (3) her bunny went to heaven, i guess we start this british mentality towards animals at an early age - she didn't seem too bothered.

When i was a vet nurse an everday part of my job, was consoling owners of animals being put down. You really would've thought a family member had died.

In saying that, i couldn't bring myself to touch the dead rabbit - after all that's what husbands are for!

But i dread anything happening to any of my animals and have been known to cry like a baby whilst watching Lassie - mum actually banned me from watching it when i was little!!!

Dave said...

Sorry bout the rabbit, sad for the children, and yet having pets teaches them how to care and love the creation around us.

Remember if your hubby touches the dead rabbit there is a Levitical law that prevents him living in your house for the next three weeks, unless that is, he offers a lamb or three albino gerbils as a cleansing offering.

I knew the theology degree would come in handy one day.


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