Monday, January 09, 2006

The table of peace

Found this on a youth website, a good article worth reading...

The gospel of hospitality welcomes the stranger and the journeyman with a love that's unconditional and free of attachments. It offers a place of refuge and security to the tired seeker. It greets the traveler with the peace of God and returns to us a piece of God

...full article here


dinsy said...

That was a really interesting article - thanks for posting it Dave.

I have to say I'm a bit of a Stan-like character myself. And a character who likes Stan!

I think that people like Stan are doing the best they know how in the culture in which we live. Where all you've got is the sin-denouncing, judgemental chritians I'd sooner have Stan. He does what he can to help the people who come in his way, with no ulterior motive, and he accepts people.

It's easy to tell the "friendship evangelisers" they are saying "I'll be your friend for my own ends" (to bring you to Christ because that's my mission), and not "I'll be your friend for your own sake" and you can tell that it is phony.

I'd rather have someone like Stan, who is at least being honest. But it is interesting the way Stan starts to change when he gets involved with people who don't judge and condemn. Takes time though - good job we've got eternity!

Dave said...

Yes I like Stan, and your point about 'friendship evangelisers' is good. If you are befriending someone to meet your own ends then how sneaky is that, if you don't love someone for who they are, then you you don't know what love is.


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