Thursday, January 12, 2006

O brother where art thou?

Yes there was a time when I thought I really admired this mans integrity and fierce will to seek justice...but then...for some inane reason George Galloway MP decided that a spell on Big Brother would boost his appeal and give him an opportunity to speak freely. So what great subject does cigar smoking George tackle, is it the tyranny of western capitalism, the injustice of African dictators, islamic none of the above

For George has ganged up with a whole crowd of ex-celebs (some who look like extras from a 70's episode of StarTrek) to fight the 'wicked' Jodie Marsh. I don't know how his constituents will react, it just seems to undermine all he has done. George is up for eviction tomorrow, but I kind of hope he won't get voted out, maybe he should remain in there period. I know he had high hopes for his time in the house

Mr Galloway insists his decision to be a contestant is good for politics. "I believe that politicians should use every opportunity to communicate with people," he said in a statement."I'm a great believer in the democratic process. Big Brother is watched by millions."More young people vote during Big Brother than in the general election. I hope they'll all be voting for me over the next few weeks." read more

Though I think when he finally gets out he will have a lot of back peddling to do, it makes for addictive TV, sadly for all the wrong reasons, oh if only this had been 25 years earlier, maybe we could of seen Maggie T in da house, that would have put the wind up Barrymore for sure!

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