Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey we've arrived

Tapestry Community of Faith has made it onto the Dingwall Community Website, we are now a fully recognised and fully sanctioned church in Dingwall, officially part of the church family in our town. Check out their website, its really good.

For those of you who feel 'community of faith' is a bit vague then we are a...Baptist, Celtic, Reformed, Missional, Evangelical, Liberal, Conservative, Mystical, Poetic, Biblical, Charismatic, Contemplative, Fundamentalist, Calvinist, Anabaptist, Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Environmental, Incarnational, Emergent church...glad we got that cleared up!!


Anonymous said...

happy new year and all the best.
Much Love to you and your family

dinsy said...

Hey Dave, there are a few of those tags I really wish you had left off!

Fortunately we don't all have to have the same identical outlook on what we believe - we even have room for Diversity and Difference of Opinion, with the occasional good natured agreement to disagree, in our Faith Community!

For which I thank God!

Anonymous said...

I guess heaven will have to sit up and take note then, there's no stopping you now. Hope this doesn't mean that you begin to immitate the other churches, hah silly thought.

Blessings Kenny

Dave said...

Hi dinsy,

Thought there might be a few tags that possibly others did not resonate with, but I am all of those and more I think, feel free to add anymore, and i retain the right to disagree with any move toward good natured agreement to disagree - agreed!
Nice to see you Kenny,a nd even nicer to see all the family the other day, got an email today from Durness - we can have the hall - ooops what've I started.
I am going to imitate the churches, but I am doing it chronologically and alphabetically, beginning with Antioch!!


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