Thursday, January 26, 2006

The heavens declare

Took these photos with my phone just 5 mins ago, what an amazingly sunny day.


PeterinScotland said...

Was a lovely morning wasn't it? Took our baby girl out for a few minutes walk round outside just to enjoy it - the sun is too bright for her eyes though!

Does Dingwall really sit under a cloud a lot of the time, or is it just me? Got one of those full-spectrum light bulbs from Panacea the other day, seems quite good, though am I getting harmful UV rays?


dinsy said...

Hi Peter,

Dingwall has seemed pretty grey for much of the time recently, I agree.

The light bulbs are not going to do you any harm whatsoever, they are pretty good. I'll get some myself, now you've named a supply. Thanks! I never thought of asking for them in Panacea, which is a gem of a shop to have in Dingwall.

Hope your daughter managed to enjoy the sun, even with the brightness.


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